Municipalities with Their Residents

GovUnity creates accessible, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly government websites to help connect municipalities with their residents while boosting citizen engagement.

The Perfect Partner

GovUnity is a municipal website design company. We partner with government organizations to empower them to meet the unique needs of their residents. Our web designers create dynamic government websites with a substantial number of benefits.


The Perfect Partnership - GovUnity & Your Organization

100% Customized

Every website our design team builds is 100% customized to meet the unique needs of our customers. We do not use premade templates that limit design.

Easy to Update & Maintain

Our content management system is very easy to use & understand. Our step-by-step guided training ensures that you can easily, confidently, & efficiently maintain & update website content.


Room for Growth

GovUnity is committed to providing the absolute best website for our customers. Our professional website designs are scalable, allowing the website to grow as your community grows & adapt as technology changes.

Affordable Pricing

GovUnity website designs are extremely affordable with zero ongoing website development costs. Our design & training allow our customers to easily manage their website.

User-Friendly Design

Intuitive menus & search functions make information easy to find. This helps provide a great user experience to drives more traffic and engagement.

Mobile Friendly

GovUnity websites are optimized for phones and tablets. They are designed to deliver a great user experience for every device regardless of screen size/resolution or operating system. This limits frustration by keeping the user experience consistent no matter the device.

Solutions for Every Need - Website Design & More

Solutions for Every Need

Through investment, relationship building, and a proven design process, GovUnity has assembled top-notch solutions for every municipal website need.

Our personalized service & wide range of solutions is unmatched in the website design and development industry.

  • • Website Development
  • • Hosting & Disaster Recovery
  • • Security & Compliance
  • • Logo & Graphic Design
  • • Social Media Management
  • • Training & Support

Who We Work With

We do not just build websites. We build relationships and partner with government organizations to create the perfect website for their residents, elected officials and staff.

Our Customers Love Us

“I am writing to you today on behalf of the Board of Commissioners to thank you and your associates for the wonderful development of a new web site for the township. Your ability to provide additional important information to those accessing our site coupled with more graphics is far superior to any of our previous versions. You and your associate’s development skills have far exceeded our expectations and the final product is a testament to your firm’s ability to produce a professional and functional web site.

I am pleased to inform you that we have received numerous positive comments from our residents. All of the comments were associated with the image the site presents and the user friendly aspect of the tremendous information that is available with the click of a button.”

 – Edward A. Kirkwood, Butler Township Manager

Our Customers Love Us

It brings me great pleasure to write this letter commending Sara and Katharyne on the outstanding job they do every day. First and foremost, they are very pleasant to work with. They are always in a great mood and are so very happy to help with all of our requests. Then, they are extremely professional as they complete website updates very quickly and accurately, and they always send an email at the completion of every task, to let us know it is done.

After meeting with you, Sara immediately started updates to our old website. She diligently took an old, outdated design, and brought it into the twenty-first century. As a result, our new design matches the message of transparency in government that we want our website visitors to see. The space is much better utilized, the color scheme is more modem, and the residents can find information quicker, with less scrolling, and fewer clicks. The new form library is remarkable. Now residents can fill in forms online, reducing the amount of paper used by the Borough, further advancing our sustainability efforts.

Sara and Katharyne are the most dynamic team that I had the pleasure of working with during my entire career in Oakmont. If everyone provided service like they do, the world would be a better place.

-Phyllis J. Anderson, Oakmont Assistant Borough Manager

Our Customers Love Us

“. . . great to work with. They were very willing to talk through the process as well as to help brainstorm and consider the best and smartest way to do things. I appreciated the honest feedback throughout the organization, design and building of our site. They are very responsive, agreeable, patient and helpful. They are also very willing to coach on an ongoing basis as our company navigates our new site.”

-Crystal Sickles, Allegheny League of Municipalities 

Quality Assurance

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


GovUnity professional designers are committed to providing the absolute best websites for our customers. Our government website designs are 100% customized to meet the exact needs of every municipal customer. Our high quality websites are also scalable, allowing the website to grow as the community grows and adapt as technology changes.

Responsive Design Guarantee Ribbon


Your official and professionally designed website should look great and be easy for your residents to use regardless of device type or screen size. A GovUnity website will provide your residents with an optimized user experience no matter what device they are using.

Website Training Program


One of our core values is to create professional websites that can be easily updated and maintained by our customers. The ability to update the website prevents the need to rely on costly and time-delaying third parties. Our extensive and personalized training program provides all of the necessary information in an easy to follow format using understandable terminology.

How Well Does Your Current Website Serve Your Residents?

The GovUnity Website Evaluation assists municipalities in identifying how well their website meets the needs of their residents. Characteristics such as functionality, usefulness, appearance and usability are all evaluated to generate a Total Website Assessment Report. The evaluation provides municipalities with feedback on how to improve accessibility and user experience. 


Complimentary Website Assessment