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Tips, news and more, specifically for government websites.

Why Good Copy Matters for Government Websites

Much of the reason copy is so important to businesses is because of its ability to help in areas of sales and marketing. Web copy generally refers to the written content published on the company's website to advertise the business and sell products. While that may be...

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Things Residents Expect From Your Website

Websites are easily one of the most effective ways to communicate with residents. A well-designed township, borough, village, or county website helps save time and aggravation for both users and staff. The most important thing to consider when building a website is...

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Municipal Websites

A municipal website is an investment. A well-designed website shows your residents that you are willing to put time and money into maintaining the best possible communication with them. Not only that, but a good municipal sites can also help drive economic development...

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Pop-Up Notifications for Government Websites

Website pop-up boxes are those annoying ads that come up when you're shopping online. No one likes them. Ethan Zuckerman, the man who invented pop-up ads, even publicly apologized, acknowledging how frustrating they can be to website users. If they are annoying as ads...

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How to Avoid an ADA Compliance Website Lawsuit

Why is Having an ADA Compliant Website Important for Your Organization? Having an accessible website allows residents and other website users with disabilities to have access to the pertinent information of the local government and the services it...

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Seven Common Website Accessibility Mistakes

Accessibility is an important topic for municipal websites. Just like all public buildings need to be ADA compliant to meet the needs of all residents, municipal websites must take the extra steps of ensuring that all residents have equal access to the website’s...

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