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Government Website Design & Development

Considering everything involved in the web design and development process including time, money and the finished product; GovUnity is an unmatched government website design company. Our professionally designed municipal websites focus on optimizing the user experience while saving your staff valuable time. Our government website designers and developers carefully consider website accessibility standards included ADA Section 508 and WCAG 2.0.

Smooth Development

Our website development process is faster and smoother than other government website design firms. Our web designers and developers build municipal customer websites live on a subdomain of our own site.

We encourage our customers to regularly review the development website and provide feedback throughout the entire development process. This allows our website designers to make adjustments in real time, keeping the development timeline on track.

In addition to allowing municipal staff to review the site during development you may elect to provide the link to outside bodies. Provide the development link to council/board members or a focus group of residents to get additional feedback. This helps ensure a varienty of viewpoints, including your targert audience, are considered during the website design and development process.

Custom and Accessible Website Designs

Every website we develop is responsive, easy to navigate, and 100% custom designed for our customer’s unique needs. GovUnity does not force customers to work with pre-built page templates.

Compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is a key part of our design and training process. People with disabilities and those using assistive technologies (such as screen readers) require the same level of access to the website as those without a disability.

Learn more about WCAG and website accessibility compliance and design on our Accessiblity page.

Easy to Maintain and Update

We have created a detailed and efficient website training program. Website training includes everything you need to know to properly maintain and update your local government website. Training includes tips and best practices to maintain website accessibility compliance as new content and web pages are added by municipal staff.

Website Hosting & Disaster Recovery

Websites can be hacked. GovUnity provides advanced solutions for website hosting and virus protection to help keep you protected. These solutions keep our customers’ websites operating and their website visitors safe. Here is what we provide:

  • Website hosting, virus protection and website backup
  • 24-7 website support
  • Advanced virus and malware scanning
  • Peace of mind


Social Media Management

Social media can be a very useful tool for municipal and government organizations. No other tool provides free and immediate messaging without added burden to the user. Users are not required to take special action other than logging in to their social media account.

GovUnity works with municipalities to create social media processes that can be an optimal solution for the communication of:

  • Emergencies
  • Community events
  • Construction projects
  • Job and volunteer opportunities

Website Training & Support

What good is a website if you cannot easily maintain and update it yourself? GovUnity government websites are designed to be extremely user friendly. The back end dashboard is easy to use – you do not have to be Bill Gates to understand the terminology!

Our website training program includes everything you need to know to properly maintain and update your municipal website, including accessibility tips. Our training is delivered three different ways:

Live training seminar

A live training seminar with the lead web developer on your municipal website project.

Custom training guide

A custom training document is provided which outlines all commonly performed website updates. This guide is designed to be easy to use and explains each item step by step. The guide also includes tips and best practices to maintain website accessibility compliance.

Professional guidance as needed

Professional guidance as needed. Once your website has launched you will still have the ability to ask your developer questions via phone or email.