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Online Demo Transcript

Narrator: “Hi, this is a demo for GovUnity websites to show some of the functionality options available for your website.

If you look at the Home page of our demo site here ( you can see there are options for integrating calendars, news and announcements, or requested resources to the Home page.

[Narrator changes to browser tab with displayed]

Over here you can see that we can add several different kinds of custom forms including polls, surveys, other custom forms.

These accordion style menus are great for things like a Frequently Asked Questions module

We’re also able to host a variety of documents on the website. These include PDFs, Word documents, Excel files.

Also able to host photos right on the website or even videos that can be hosted directly on the website or if you prefer to host your videos on a third party source like YouTube those can be integrated into the website.

We’re also able to include Social Media integrations. As you can see here there is a Facebook feed on this page.

Our CMS offers both front and back end editing. Both are very simple. I’m going to demonstrate the front end editing for you.

If you click on this button: “Enable Visual Builder” [Narrator clicks button & waits for editor screen to load], once that loads you will be able to edit any of the content on the website just by clicking on it. So you see, we are going to click up here [Narrator clicks within text content] and we are going to add our new content [Narrator types “NEW CONTENT”] and it’s as simple as that.

[Narrator changes to browser tab with displayed]

Examples of websites that we’ve built include the Borough of Morris Plains, as you can see all of our websites are responsive, which means they will display beautifully on both desktop and mobile devices [Narrator reduces browser window size to demonstrate website responsiveness]

The Borough of Morris Plains has a calendar feed here on their home page, they also have a news & announcements feed. They also integrate with Constant Contact which allows them to send out newsletter update.

[Narrator changes to browser tab with displayed]

Over here they (Morris Plains Borough) have a document repository to host all of their meeting minutes, agendas and other documents.

[Narrator changes to browser tab with displayed – a popup notification regarding an upcoming meeting is featured on the screen]

For notifications there are a few different options. One is a popup notification.

[Narrator changes to browser tab with displayed – a popup notification bar is featured on screen]

Another popular option are these banner notifications, these can link to more details which can be hosted right on your website or hosted on a third party link.

[Narrator changes to browser tab with displayed]

There are also options for e-payment integration, there are a few ways to do that. One is, like Penn Township, they’ve integrated with MuniciPay. [Narattor clicks payment link on the Home page which links to the MuniciPay hosted payment portal]

[Narrator changes to browser tab with displayed]

Or, if you go over to North Versailles you can see they have a custom form and then within that custom form we’ve integrated their third party payment solution so all of that can be handled directly from the website.

So, that just gives you an idea of some of the different functionality requests we are able to accommodate. If you’d like to learn more please check out our website at or feel free to schedule a more full demo with us. You can do that by sending us an email at Thank You!”