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Security for Websites During COVID 19

There has been a significant increase in the amount of online activity over the past several months. People are looking to municipal websites for information and updates about the changes to the current situation brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic. However, the resulting overload in website activity provides more opportunity for website hackers and online fraud. A 3.8% increase in online fraud has been seen, compared to this same time last year. Thus website security for government organizations is more important now that ever before.

Measures to Increase Website Security:

At GovUnity, website security is a top priority for every website we design. WordPress, is the primary CMS platform we use, and although it has excellent security features, there are additional steps that should be taken. The first thing that you should do when optimizing the security of your website is research.

Plugins, Software, & Applications:

You will want to look in to understanding whether or not the plugins and themes used for your website are safe. Another security measure that is useful is to remove any plugins and themes on your website that are not being used. You may also want to specifically install a Security Plugin for your site. At GovUnity, we typically use the WordFence plugin to increase and monitor the security of the websites we design. 

You will also find that the most current plugins and software are the most secure.  GovUnity develops websites so they can remain up-to-date with WordPress, plugins, and themes. We do this by making sure that the most current version is always installed. Maximizing the isolation for your website is also helpful in increasing its security. The separation of applications helps to limit the impact that one compromised application has. GovUnity website designs keep applications as separated as possible

Site Access:

Beyond plugins, software, and applications you will also want to limit the number of entry points to your website. The best way to do this is to limit the number of users with administrative access. If you work with GovUnity, we will help you better understand security best practices. Beyond limiting the number of users with administrative access you may also utilize user roles to limit the level of access of user groups. We will also seek to help you understand how to use strong passwords.

Finally, make sure you maintain backups. It is always important to have a data recovery plan, just in case a security issue does arise. The GovUnity hosting plan offers multiple saved backup copies each day. This minimizes the amount of potential data loss, while expediting the ability to repopulate the website.

Security is priority for every website, but increased website security is more important now than ever before. If you need help updating your website’s security contact GovUnity today.

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