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GovUnity’s Professional Website Apps Enhance Your Website’s Functionality, Benefiting Citizens and Staff Alike.

GovUnity professional municipal and local government website designs utilize a user-friendly content management system. The CMS allows for a wide range of high-quality apps and add-ons to provide a great user experience. Add function and add value to your website with apps that are easily mainatined by your municipal staff.

Below is some additional information about some of our most popular apps. Feel free to contact us for more details or to discuss how our web designers can help with your next municipal website design project.

Agendas & Minutes

The GovUnity Document Depot streamlines the process of uploading meeting agendas and minutes to your government website. These documents can be searchable, filtered & easily viewed/downloaded by residents. Items in the Document Depot can be quickly accessed for reference before or during meetings by meeting attendees and participants.


Get Organized

Municipal Meeting - Speaker

Emergency Notification - Road Closed

Emergency Notification

Emergency notification is a critical responsibility of every municipality. GovUnity provides municipalities with multiple ways of controlling the message and keeping residents informed.

An emergency notification bar can be included at the top of every web page to alert residents of an emergency event. Popups can also be installed to alert residents of an event immediately as they visit the website. Both notification types are easy to manage and can provide links to additional information and updates.


Better Your Communication

Staff Directory

Your municipal website should answer the most common queries your citizens have. However, there may be times in which a resident will need to contact staff member directlt for information or guidance. Help guide your website visitors to the proper point of contact by offering a Staff Directory. The Staff Directory should provide valuable contact information for each department.


Direct Citizens to Appropriate Staff

City Hall

We are hiring sign

Employment Application

Advertise your organizations employment openings and accept applications directly from your website! Our application form is easy to use and customize for any type of job listing. Allow applicants to upload resumes, certification documents and more during the application process to streamline the hiring process.


Simplify Your Hiring Process

Calendar App

Our interactive calendar application promotes events in a number of different formats. Display the calendar in a traditional month or week calendar view or show an agenda style list of upcoming events. The agenda view will automatically remove events once they occur, ensuring the upcoming list is always up to date.

The municipality can attach documents, such as meeting minutes, and additional information to events. Events can require registration and can be tied to e-commerce functionality if there is an event fee.


Promote Your Meetings & Events

Calendar Application - Parade event

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery/Multimedia App

Delight your visitors and increase engagement by featuring photo galleries, videos and other multimedia files on your website. Spotlight community events, parks, and celebrations with eye-catching, interactive, photo galleries with multiple beautiful, user-friendly gallery layouts available.


Enhance Your Website

FAQ Station

Make the answers to some of you most frequently asked questions available on your website. Using the GovUnity FAQ station will allow you to better assist your citizens while saving time. The FAQ station can cut down the number of phone your staff calls receives regarding these regularly sought after answers. Residents can access the information they are looking for quickly, easily, and even outside of your municipal office hours.


Streamline Citizen Inquiries

FAQ - Neon sign

On Site Search Function

Search Function

Including a search box on every web page is one of the best ways to help website visitors find information quickly. In addition to reducing resident frustration this can save your office staff time on phone calls.


Make Searching Easy

Custom Online Forms

Allow citizens to complete and submit forms and applications online via GovUnity Website’s online form apps. With a multitude of available field types forms can be customized to meet most desired functions. Available form field types include text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, file uploads, and more.

Forms submissions can be emailed directly to one or more municipal staff members upon submission. Confirmation of successful form submission can also be provided to the user directly on screen or via email after submission.


Digitize Your Forms

Custom Online Forms

Email Newsletter


Deliver updates directly to your residents’ email inbox. Allow citizens to sign up for regular or special newsletters notices from your organization. With an user-friendly interface and customizable templates this newsletter internet marketing option is perfect for government organizations of all sizes.


Keep Citizens Updated

Password Protected Pages

Limit access to specific pages of your website to those provided with password access. Password protected pages can be used to allow staff to access relevant Employee-Only information and documents. Also allow Board Members access to special pages, documents, etc.


Control Page Access

Password Protected Pages

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics

Analyze your website traffic and visitor habits using Google Analytics and GovUnity Website’s Google Analytics Dashboard Widget. Analytics provided detailed information about web traffic, where visitors are coming from, what pages they are visiting and more. This valuable information can be used to make website and content changes to better serve residents. 


Start Tracking Visits

Google Maps

Help your website visitors navigate within your municipality in the real world with ease. Integrating with Google Maps can be used to highlight significant buildings, including your office.  Public parks, recreation spots, public transit, local businesses, local attractions, parking, and polling locations can also be added to Maps.


Guide Your Residents

Google Maps on Mobile Phone

Social Media Integration and Buttons

Social Media

The use of various social media platforms is increasingly popular among residents and municipal bodies alike. Keep your residents informed by linking your website and social media. Reach a larger audience and distribute important, time sensitive information to citizens in a more timely manner.


Boost Engagement with Social Media

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