Why Good Copy Matters for Government Websites

Much of the reason copy is so important to businesses is because of its ability to help in areas of sales and marketing. Web copy generally refers to the written content published on the company’s website to advertise the business and sell products. While that may be good for businesses, what relevance does web copy have for government organizations with nothing to sell? 

While government organizations may not have products for sale that need to be advertised, websites are a helpful way to connect with residents. When it comes to connecting with resident’s clarity is key. Both the design and copy of the website play an important role in making information easily accessible to residents. Below are a few reasons why good web copy matters for government organizations.  

Why Web Copy is Important 


The primary reason for government organizations to have a website is to better connect with residents, especially now that almost all business must be done online. It does not matter how good your website looks, if the information on it is not clear. More likely than not residents are visiting your website because they have questions. The content you publish should be written to anticipate those questions and provide clear answers.  

The better your copy, the more likely your residents are to find the information they need. That way you can stay connected and answer questions, all while maintaining the necessary social distance, and decreasing office traffic. It will also save your staff time and hassle. 

Save Time: 

If resident are able to access the information they need online, it saves them from having to come to the office, or call during normal business hours. This frees up time for staff to accomplish other tasks during the day. Bad copy only confuses website visitors, which takes up their time that of your staff, who have to be available to offer clarity. But good copy, allows residents to find the information they need at any time of day, without the help of staff.  

Appear Professional: 

There is nothing more off-putting than a website that does not make sense. Having a well-designed website filled with clear and informative copy shows your residents that you know what they need, and you care. Residents won’t trust information from a website the looks bad and has bad copy. But hiring web designers and copywriters that know what they are doing, proves that you are professionals that know what you’re doing.  

A user-friendly website with good copy is one of the best ways for you to build trust and connect with your residents through your online platform. Residents have more questions now than ever before; your website provides you a unique opportunity to answer those questions. That is why it is so important the content published on your website anticipates the needs of your citizens by providing information and peace of mind.  


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